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eBook 2: A Home Study class for Actors 

(Disponible en anglais seulement. Traduction en cours...)


I've been acting in film, television and theater for 30 years and teaching acting for 25 years. I've put together the best most effective tools and knowledge I possess. Use this eBook as a guide at home, doing the different exercises described inside and applying my acting technique in your work. Study and practice at home. Being an artist actor is a way of life. It requires a deep personal life commitment if you are to do the work you dream of doing and live the life you dream of living.


Better yet, combine this with some of my online classes and get all the training you need!


Place your order by credit card in my secure Paypal account and receive your PDF version of this eBook upon payment. Sit back and enjoy the read!

eBook: A Home Study Class for Actors

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